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Although you may not need an attorney for each and every decision made in operating your business, it is important to understand that you may not know you need legal help until it’s too late. Fleurinord Law can help you stay in compliance with the law and spot developing legal issues early.

We offer a wide spectrum of legal services for business owners to help them make the wisest decisions on how to handle various business issues throughout life and also in the event of death.

Get ahead of the curve by contacting Fleurinord Law to help you identify and address your small business needs today!

Even though you may have already developed efficient systems to deliver your core products and/or services to customers, your business may still be at risk if it does not have effective legal, insurance, financial and tax (LIFT) systems in place. Without solid LIFT systems, your business is just one accident, audit, or lawsuit away from ruin. Like the roots of a tree, the strength of these 4 pillars determines the ultimate success of your business. The tree (like your business) can only grow as big as its roots (LIFT systems) can support

Form the proper business legal entity to protect your personal assets from business risks. This also offers protection from other risks such as: employees,

employees’ actions, business agreements, business investments, etc. Hire a team to support your business needs and be sure to have employment policies and procedures in place to set boundaries and manage expectations. Develop a process for creating and documenting agreements that inspire action with vendors, clients, affiliates and business partners. This will make your business relationships more satisfying so that you get the support needed to meet business goals and objectives

As a small business owner, insurance coverage can provide you significant peace of mind. Without the proper coverage, you may end up having to pay out-

of-pocket for property damage, accidents or lawsuits from unhappy clients or customers. All of these very-real possibilities can be devastating for both your business and your personal finances if you do not have the proper business insurance. Purchasing business insurance will keep your subconscious mind from always trying to protect you from taking business risks that could grow your company to the next level or expand your life. Not having the proper insurance in place can lead to subconscious feelings of insecurity in the strength of your business

You should not be making spending decisions by looking at the cash balance in your bank account. What happens when there are unexpected bills such –

as a missed payroll tax payment? Having a financial system to properly track your accounting transactions is essential to the financial health of your business. Did you set-up your Chart of Accounts correctly? This is critical so that revenue and expenses can be properly coded to the right categories. You should receive monthly financial reports that can be used to evaluate profitability and help you make business decisions.

Making non-strategic buying decisions can leave you feeling empty and full of regret. Not pricing your goods competitively or undervaluing your services often lead to feelings of disorganization and imbalance

You could be paying more income tax than you should be paying. On the other hand, you may not be paying some taxes that you are not aware of.Is your business

required to collect sales tax from customers? Should workers be classified as independent contractors or employees? No matter your tax situation, get the proper advice so that you protect your business from audits and file your business taxes with confidence.
Are you operating your business in the dark?

For the most part, your business appears to look just fine to the public eye, but when you take a peek behind the curtain, you can clearly see there is no “business behind the business.” Key signs you are “doing business in the dark”:

● You make business spending decisions by logging into your bank account to see how much cash you have.
● You have no plan or way of forecasting how much money your business will generate each month and for the upcoming year.
● You have no idea what the most profitable good or service is for your business; nor what is draining profits from your business (via expenses, time and/or resources).
● If some accident or unforseen event were to happen, you do not have the proper protections in place to ensure your business can continue operating smoothly.
● You do not have an exit plan. If some life change happens, will you be able to sell your business and benefit from all the hard work you’ve put into it?

Fleurinord Law can help you “bring your business into the light” by helping you build substance at its foundation and prevent a potential collapse. Our LIFT Foundation System and Toolkit is specifically designed to help you integrate these essential systems into your operations and provide your business with a strong legal, insurance, financial and tax foundation. We offer a free LIFT 20-Point Assessment that highlights the areas in your current foundation needing the most attention. After you have completed this initial assessment, you can meet with us to conduct a more thorough audit and implement the full LIFT Foundation System and Toolkit. Our LIFT Your Life And Business Planning Session, includes a review of all the legal, insurance, financial, and tax systems you need for your business.

Let us help you begin building an “eyes wide open” business that has an unshakeable LIFT foundation beneath it so you can feel confident in knowing your business will never let you or your family down. Get started by taking our FREE LIFT 20-Point Assessment!

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